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At Travelnitch, our mission is to create opportunities for shared learning so parents and children can explore the world together.

We deliver new and exciting experiences to encourage dialogue and provoke curiosity. For that reason, we have three primary goals: – Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel. – Forge a more meaningful connection between kids and the world around them. – Promote creative learning to inspire a lifelong passion for exploration.

Travel plays such an important role in our lives and has the ability to change us for the better. It’s an experiential education, that teaches us how to feel, think, act, and react in positive ways. Travel fosters creativity, builds confidence, and teaches us all to be more tolerant of our differences. I see my own kids benefit from travel every time we hit the road, and no amount of money can buy those life lessons.

Travelnitch is all about inspiring the next generation of explorers. We believe creative fiction is a wonderful way to ignite the imagination and get kids excited about the world around them. That’s why we need writers who can inspire young readers to pack up the car and hit the road! Let’s go on this adventure together!

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