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“Travel plays such an important role in our ability to communicate with one another. It teaches us to be more tolerant and compassionate. As a parent, I want that for my child,” says Founder & CEO, Amanda Renna. “This new service allows families to travel the world together, in a meaningful way.” Become an explorer and traverse the globe without ever leaving home. Each month, kids are invited to explore a new city, learning about language, history, and the arts in a virtual environment. The Explorers Club encourages parents and kids to “travel” together, by delivering hands-on activities that provoke dialogue. Featuring recipes, globally-inspired crafts, music, book and movie recommendations, families visit a new destination and then talk about it over dinner. Share with your kids a lifelong passion for learning & exploration. At a time when young parents recognize the value of new places and experiences, according to the US Family Travel Survey 2018, affordability is preventing many families from participating. Travelnitch seeks to fill this gap “We want to make global travel a reality for all families,” Renna says. “Virtual tourism is quickly becoming a popular alternative for those who can’t afford to hop on a plane.”