Travel Writer’s Spotlight (New for 2020!)

Each month we will feature ONE lucky writer who can delight and entertain our young readers, and it could be you! Your story will be shared widely across our social media network, complete with an (optional) author’s bio.

We are currently accepting short stories in the following categories:

Strange & Spooky

These stories will introduce our young readers to strange and spooky phenomenon from around the world. Whether it’s in reference to historical legends (like Count Dracula) or natural phenomenon (like quicksand), if it’s weird or bone-chilling, we want to hear about it!

Dream Jar Destinations

Tales of far off places, lands of beauty and adventure—can you write about real destinations in a way that appeals to young kids? There is a serious lack of travel memoirs for young readers. We want writers who can tell their own personal stories in a captivating way to engage readers between the ages of 5-12 years old.

Bedtime Stories

Our Bedtime Stories inspire kids to dream big. We are seeking talented writers who can create fictional tales that take place around the globe. They will be shared in both text and audio format so even our youngest fans can journey along with us!

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