Traveling the World with Mom

Available on June 1

The Book

Traveling the World with Mom

Follow along on one little girl’s global adventure, as mom takes her on a whirlwind tour of iconic landmarks and ancient wonders. Together they travel to Stonehenge, swim the Great Barrier Reef, explore the Great Pyramid of Giza, and hike the Great Wall of China—all in one week!

About the Author

A.L.Renna was born and raised in New England. After ten years working in nonprofit communications, she found her way back to her passion—writing about travel. Her most recent work can be seen on in publications like The Ascent and Writers on the Run. As founder and managing editor of Travelnitch, she creates opportunities for shared learning so parents and children can explore the world together. In her free time, she loves roadtripping with her husband and two girls.

About the Artist

Leah Gray Heyes was born and raised in western Mass. She oozed creativity from a very young age, but pursued art mainly as a hobby under the pseudonym edible violet. As an adult she attended nursing school while raising three kids. Leah currently works as an LPN for the state of Massachusetts. This is her first children’s book, and hopefully the start of a brand new adventure!

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